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Week 9: May 16, 2004

Oh my, look at all those blankets! The cats are a sniffing and a prowling...

Our first package from Vermont, Anne's heathery basketweave knit blanket attracts Stranger's attention. I love the colors in this yarn and the way it subtly stripes. And while I know its acrylic, it sure doesn't feel like it!

Ayako's box provokes a bit of pandemonium in the kitty household. Cassie (not pictured) keeps rubbing her lips and gums along the box which had travelled to us from Japan. Spot keeps circling it, keeping his distance from the old, but incredibly spry, grey lady. Stranger instantly jumps on the blankets when they are laid on the bed and I start wondering if she'd sprinkled the box with catnip!

Bron's package adds New Mexico to the map and three more blankets to the count. The sage one is double crochets done in the back loops, and the yellow is done in our knit-a-thon favorite pattern -- the diagonal garter knit.

Julie's pastels strike the boy as too feminine and he prefers her dark burgundy / green / blue crocheted mat. I on the other hand think all the colors are bright and happy and will make the shelters look a thousand times better. I especially like the crochet edges on the knit blankets as they're a nice finishing touch.

However, we both agree that Kendra's tan crocheted blanket is incredibly soft. The shell stitch doesn't show up to clearly in this photo but it makes me wish I applied myself more to crocheting.

L-B's package was one of the boxes that the post office was holding onto forever. Well it finally got delivered to us and it included this sweet note which i'm sharing with you all:

Dear Liz,
Thank you so much for organizing this project and for all of the work you're putting into it!

I am an ever-constant Knitter and jumped aboard when I read about it at Wendy Knits.

L-B's soft and lovely black and white entrelac blanket.

One of my coworkers wanted to learn to knit, so I used this as a chance to teach her and she knitted two blankets as she practiced! Margaret is sending them in honor of her cat, Petey, who died recently. She chose the yellow yarn because it reminder her of Petey, whose picture is enclosed.

Margaret's two knit blankets, with seed stitch edges, and a picture of Petey.

Then, Susan volunteered. She's been knitting doll clothes for her daughter and is ready for new projects.

Susan's dark blue heathered stockinette knit blanket.

Annete hadn't knitted for several years and was inspired to pick up her needles again for a blanket!

Annette's green stockinette knit blanket with crocheted ruffle edges.

Then, Annette told Claire about the project and Claire also knitted a blanket!

Claire's heathery brown and tan garter stitch knit blanket.

So, all of these blankets were knitted by employees (current and retired) of XXXXX. (I, Liz, am withholding the name to protect L-B's privacy.)

And, we're knitting more, so you'll be hearing from us again!

Alelrgy season is in full swing here in Virginia, so we're working hard, but the blanket-knitting is a great stress-reliever on our breaks and after work!

Thanks again, Liz!

I'm verklempt, I tell ya...

Linda's cat quilt boasts a stitched heart in the center of each cat and her garter stitch blanket is solid on one side but fades from blue to grey on the other. Neat!

Lise sends us a second contribution of more soft fleecies! They're purple and green, but the green practically blended into our sheets. I guess it must be a popular shade. :)

Maggi contributions were all soft and cuddly. They included two flannel quilts, an adorable zoo print fleecie, two quilts made from a recycled bathrobe -- they're much, much softer thant hey look, and a croched blanket made out of vintage rug yarn. She even tied all the blankets together with the belt from the robe. Now that's what I call resourceful!

And speaking of resourceful... In addition to her wonderful cat quilts -- backed with funky leopard print -- Marlana's donations also included several blankets made of sewn thermal cloth. She also sent a grey fleecie and a tan quilt that will make a shelter dog really happy.

Melodye contributes a very cheery rainbow print blanket. This blanket will definitely liven up the shelter!

Sharon L. weighs in a third time with her crocheted and knit creations. Sharon is involved in doing Yorkie rescue and I am amazed at her generosity in helping critters. Each of her blankets is lovely and you can see the care that went into making these.

Finally the Post Office deigns to deliver our long overdue donations from Sharon S.. Her three blankets are really soft and the yarn has a mohair-like fuzz which makes them instantly appealing. Or at least, Spot thinks so.