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Week 8: May 3, 2004

Seven boxes await our return from New Orleans... Better get to unpacking!

We receive a second package from Anne in the UK. (You can see her first contribution here.) "The cats whiskers" basketweave blanket makes me grin aloud and I rush to look up the pattern in the second blanket. It is Mrs. Hunter's pattern from Barbara Walkers' Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

Colleen -- along with Karen -- brings Kansas to our map with her crayola-bright diagonal garter stitch knit blankets. You can't tell from the picture but they are very, very soft.

Joy steps up to the plate with her donation of 11 knit and crocheted blankets. I think just about every color of the rainbow is represented in her creations!

Karen serves up 3 dark purple beauties. The edgings on these blankets really add to their fun.

Pat is up next with her donation of seven blankets. They're all trimmed in white and unfortunately the photo doesn't do the yarn justice...

Sharon's back with a second contribution of handcrafted goodies. She uses two strands of coordinating yarns held together which produces a subtle marled effect in her blankets.

We end today's donations with Teri's three contributions. They're all made from Woolease and use different techniques to keep the knitting interesting. The "sampler" is beginning to give me ideas...

May 9, 2004

Spot and Stranger are asleep on the bed. (Cassie likes to sleep in the boy's boxspring.) Too bad we're going to have to kick them off for our little photoshoot...

The boy brings 11 packages into the room as I get ready for the picture taking. Althoug banished, Spot jumps back up on the bed as I open the first box. Persistent bugger.

We start off with Ann's three quilts and three funky knit blankets. The blue/green mat is very spongy and springy. Ann's note mentioned that it was a "handwash" yarn but she threw it into the washer / dryer anyway. I think it turned out great! I love the feel of it and think it'll make a critter awesomely happy. The feather and fan pink blanket and the lavendar diagonal knit are also very soft to the touch. As for her quilts, well, the puppy cowboy made both the boy and I grin!

Next up are Beth's two soft and cushy contributions -- a diagonal garter and a log cabin knit blanket. The log cabin blanket makes me think I can do one. (Not another project!) Beth even donated her leftover yarn for the knit-outs!

We add Washington state to the map with Cassandra's two blankets. The red and yellow one was made with "good ol' red heart" and the peach and white one has yarn of "unknown" origins. She found it in her mom's garage in NJ a while ago. I think its great that this yarn has found a second life through this project.

Elizabeth is up next with six crocheted blankets. She was originally only going to send six but she found more yarn and kept on going! And here I am, with my blanket still in limbo. Hmmmm... I need to get off my butt and knit!

Erica's two blankets add Arizona to our map. The pink blanket is made from three strands of yarn, one of which is Koigu Kersti and the orange one is made from two different colors of Koigu Kersti with some funky fur yarn on the edge. Yarn-lust alert! If the orange one were a touch bigger it'd be a cool scarflet! Erica writes that she hopes that someone is color coordinating animals and blankets for maximum adoption potential. I agree!

Connecticut is in the house with Iris' patriotic garter knit blanket. Spot climbs up to get a better look bug its Stranger that claims the blanket!

We originally thought that Jennie's package had gotten lost by the post office. She mailed it on March 29th and we finally received it! It must have taken the long route to NY from TX. Her blankets are made of polar fleece with adorable cotton toppers. I love the kimono kitties even if Spot seems not to care much for them!

Mary's mod "Hello Kitty" fleecies bring even more grins to me and the boy -- and add Wisconsin to the map. The lime and turquoise blankets remind me of the 60's Pucci styles and her two knit blankets continue with the moddish (is that even a word?) style. We're going to have some very styling critters indeed!

Spot smells something foreign in these Australian blankets from Nathalie. Her lovely knit and crochet blankets instantly got his attention. Maybe it had something to do with the dog treats that she packed with them as well?

Shannon contributes 2 huge knit blankets which look like they've been knit in panels and had stitches picked up for the next panel. they're both bordered in seed stitch. Her other beautiful contributions include a brown and black basketweave stitch knit blanket and a thick dark blue and black garter stitch blanket that the boy fell in love with. He's thinking a vest in that colorway...

Susie closes out today's contributions with her beautiful interpretation of the feather & fan pattern and a lovely lace. Both would make lovely people afghans and I'm really delighted that Susie spent the time in crafting something so beautiful for a critter. But no wonder... she's a park ranger in VA and has her stories to tell about abandoned animals.

After all the blankets are bagged for donation and the database updated, Cassie swings by and asks to be petted. She's a 15 or 16 year old Russian Blue the boy rescued aeons ago. In fact, all our critters were former street cats. But she's skittish and only rarely comes out for the blankets. I thought I'd share a picture of her with you here because she is, as much as those two other camera-hogging cats are, part of the reason I do this.