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Week 5: April 12, 2004

Amy added seven sewn fleecies -- with heart appliques! -- and 2 quilted blankets to our donations today. I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the tan plaid blankets have a heart quilted in the center. I know Stranger could tell. He jumped right up and claimed one for himself as I was taking pictures. Perhaps we can come up with a slogan from this... "Crafter created, critter approved..."

April 14, 2004

Linda brightens Tax Day Eve with her Victorian-colored (in my opinion) garter knit blanket. I'm beginning to fall in love with Lion Brand's Homespun Colorways.

Michelle contributes a manly (catly? dogly?) burgundy double seed stitch blanket along with another Lion Brand Homespun teal/aqua blanket.

April 15, 2004

I've cleared off the bed, so the cats know something is up.

Barb's four diagonal garter knit blankets definitely have Spot's full attention.

But its the crocheted blankets her 80 year old mom kindly made that get him to come back up on the bed...

Stranger on the other hand, falls deeply in love with the colors in Penny's garter stitch blanket. The cats are definitely not being camera shy today!

April 18, 2004

Today starts off with Chelsea's stylish blankets (which matched the sheets on the bed so well we needed to put a backdrop under them.)

Ellen (and Honey and Boris) donated this lovely purple garter-stitch blanket. Stranger got there first. Spot's jealous.

Pam's garter-stritch thick mat inspires a rare appearance from Cassie. Spot loses out again!

After dealing with low-grade kitty conflict, Sidra's blankets get their moment in the spotlight. (Note the neat pattern variation on the edge of the basketweave.)

Last but not least, we have contributions from the World-famous Wendy (and yes, those are crocheted, not knitted). Along with the blankets, she sent along the Summer Knitting-In-The-Park prizes and a big ole box o' yarn for use at the events. She's an amazing co-host and this wouldn't be happening without her.