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Week 4: April 5, 2004

We require two mailpersons to deliver all the boxes...

Ann's really colorful knit and quilted blankets were first out of the boxes.

Stranger has an "oh wow, the colors" moment.

Jessica's three donations (one knit, two sewn fleece) will be really appreciate by the more ample critters. (Thinking Stranger-size and larger, here....)

Tracy closes the show with two comfy/cosy handknits.

April 7, 2004

The Boy messages that five packages have landed...

Donna's contributions included an extra-large fleecy, four mid-sized critter fleecies, and a funky log cabin knit blanket.

MC sent these eight hand knit creations, which impress the heck out of me. The patterns she used look great from both sides, as I hope you can see from these pictures.

Pamela's blanket is made from Encore Chunky (Wendy's favorite critter blanket yarn) and uses the "Northern Lights" pattern from Barbara G. Walker's A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

Sharon contributed these six spring-colored crocheted blankets. I especially like the round mats; they remind me of circular shawl patterns and are just as nice.

Last but not least, Wendy P. sent this wonderfully soft forest green blanket. The critter who gets this cushy piece is going to sleep like a baby.

April 11, 2004

We decide to celebrate our Easter / Spring Sunday by opening critter knitter donations...

Amy's checkerboard blankets show an interesting way to use up leftover yarn and start giving me ideas...

The colors in Cheryl's crocheted blanket reminds me of the Easter eggs I used to decorate as a kid.

Chris' blanket is funky enough for any NYC critter.

Deirdre's box made the boy and I laugh so hard we almost snorted up coffee...

...but the six blankets within made us smile even more. She contributed 2 flannel (red check and blue plaid), 2 polar fleece (dots and solid olive) and 2 knit blankets -- using the popular Lion Brand Knitted Diagonal Baby Blanket pattern and the Project Linus All Purpose Knitted Afghan pattern. (These patterns are linked to from the Critter Knitters Coalition patterns page.

Emily was next with her lovely long striped rugs and her gorgeous blue and white knit square. This blanket is knit from the center out and is totally funky.

Lise sent these two wonderful blankets. One is sewn polarfleece and the other is a bright diagonal knit print sure to liven up any critter's home.

And we close week 4 out with, Sarra's four purply pastelly crocheted beauts. The huge afghan will make some dog very happy and I can just picture a refined felined resting on the frilly mat.