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Week 2: March 22, 2004

Spot stalks a blanket as we set up our photoshoot...


Two more pretties!

Jen L. kicks off week 2 of the knit-a-thon with her donation of 2 quilts, a sewn fleecie and a knit blanket! But wait, that's not all...

Jen also included some catnip and some catnip mice with her package. She asked for us to give them to the shelters or to keep them for our cats. Well... Stranger snatched a mouse up and ran with it, to slobber in a corner. And because NYC shelters have a rule against taking catnip stuffed toys --- some cats get violent around it -- the other mice and the catnip will be mailed to Wendy. After all, my cats do want to share with Lucy. I'll make sure to put plenty of tissue in the box. (Oh and to replace the mouse that stranger stole, I'll put in one of the six catnip mice that I never got around to finishing for the Mouse-a-Thon last year.)

March 24, 2004

Elsie's fleecies came in today... all SIX of them...

Unfortunately Spot thought they were all for him. Bad Spot!

March 27, 2004

The postlady buzzed us on Saturday to deliver Jo's three hand-knit, totally funkalicious blankets. They were so soft and colorful that the boy and I had to put Spot in the midst of them so that he could see the colors. I think he was impressed.