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Week 15 & 16: July 11, 2004

Note: I greatly apologize for the lack of colorful commentary on these contributions.

I've been working on these updates for a few weeks now but because of personal time constraints -- work, carpal tunnel issues, relationship, sleeping -- have been unable to finish them in as timely a manner as I wanted to. I wanted to make sure that I actually updated the pages this weekend, and writing the notes takes a lot of time. I hope no one feels slighted because of my lack of comments. There are 50 new contributions below and commenting on them all would delay this update even further!

Trust me when I tell you that there was much "oohing and ahhing" and chatter between The Boy and myself. Each and every blanket is gorgeous and all of these contributions are very welcomed, very appreciated and very loved.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of this Knit-a-Thon!

Abbi B.

Amy S.

Anne Marie Z.

Catherine D.

Chelsea F.

Cheryl P.

Cora S.

D.E. M.

Delica R.

Dianne R.

Dorothy K.

Geana T.

Genevieve M.

Jackie B.

Jana C.

Jennifer M.

Jessamyn L.

Joan L.

Kerry H.

Kim P.

Laure O.

L. G-D.

Leigh C.

Lisa S.

Lydia M.

Lynn D.

Margaret Z.

Marie S.

Martha L. & Rebecca H. -- Note: The Boy was doing the blankets on this day and he screwed up when opening this particular donation box. Rebecca and Martha had sent their donations in together. The Boy didn't catch that he'd mixed and matched" until AFTER the tags were off and the photos were taken. So Rebecca and Martha, your blankets are all here and we apologize for lumping them together.

Martina W.

Mary H.

Mary J.

Mary K.

Mary M.


Michelle C.

Nancy F.

Natalie T.

Norah P.

Pamela B.

Pamela P.

Pat J.

Penelope M.

Penny T.

Rosemary D.

Sandy P.

Taryn L-K.

Teresa M.

Vicki M.

Thanks one and all for your contributions so far!