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Weeks 13 & 14: June 17, 2004

After-effects of an office move, the Knit-Out in Prospect Park, and a sudden addition to the household means more lost ground vis-a-vis boxes o' blankets. The Boy has been drafted to Critter-Knitter duty. Here's what he unboxed today...

Chrissie from Singapore sends five panda- and teddy-bear themed quilts, as well as two knits and a crochet. These are her first patchwork quilt projects, and the critters are going to love the soft flannel-backed blankies. (She wanted to send blankets earlier, but she decided to try her hand at crochet after a six year hiatus, and the crocheted blanket took as long as all the others combined.) The Boy worried that the detail in one of the knits wouldn't show, so he took it to the kitchen (and away from Maia) to shoot a closeup. Stranger jumped up on the table and said "Fish! From Singapore!"

Next up Lydia's four big-kittie sized blankets. She says she loves the idea that she's making cats happier and bringing her stash under control at the same time. (She also sent money to cover our shipping costs. Thanks! And thanks to her daughter Becca for the lovely cat drawing on the envelope.) Soft but rugged, our cats would have loved inspecting these, but the bedroom is now the Land of the Large Puppy-Dog, and the cats are outside plotting how to get back into the blanky business...

Marney sends a lovely green knit blanket with a heart and a flower worked in intarsia. The Boy again wanted to be sure to get the detail so into the kitchen he went. Spot immediately claims a blankie for cat kind! (The Boy inadvertently took a picture of the blanket upside down... trust me, its even nicer from the right side.)

Michelle sent a total of sixty (sixty!) blankets in various styles, sizes, and weights. (She exceeded her personal goal of fifty blankets by ten). As a vet tech and a former Shelter Manager for her local Humane Society she especially knows how much these blankets are needed. She also wanted us to know this project involved a rite of passage for her. She received her first knitting injury, a knister. (knister=knitting blister.)

Thanks one and all for your contributions so far!