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Week 12: June 7, 2004

A hectic work week prevents us from tending to the blankets. There were things to do, offices to move, events to plan. Since we aim not to let the same thing happen this week we jump right in and recap the blankets we've received so far...

Alithia gets things rolling with this thick pastel green blanket. Its stockinette bordered by garter stitch and its really plush

Next up Catherine's five knit and five crocheted blankets. Catherine's blankets are also very soft, and fuzzy... traits that my cats share with her creations! I'm guessing that crocheted circles is much easier than knitting them since I haven't received a round knit blanket yet. Catherine's provoke enough curiosity to want to venture a try...

Cheryl's contribution consists of two knit blankets -- one in a yellow basketweave pattern and the other in a sagey green garter. Cheryl's, Gayle's and Melinda's blankets were all donated together.

Cora donated this wonderful dark blue crocheted blanket which was cat tested and kitten approved! She also donated another wonderful prize for the raffle -- ten balls of Katia yarn! (These will be sent along to Wendy for the main raffle.)

Gayle's garter stitch blanket is made of two different weight yarns which give it its texture. Its colors remind me of a day at the beach for some reason or another... Maybe I'm just wishing that summer would get here already so I'll have time to knit!

Judy's checkerboard blanket is really too cute for words. Her checkerboard knit (at right) continues with her theme and is made in a softly variegated blue yarn. Styling!

Mariana plays up the funkiness with her variegated stripe blanket. The colors in her basketweave knit are also quite nice and cheerful. Both will brighten up any shelter!

Mary adds to the comfort and joy by donating two crocheted blankets -- in cat and kitten cage sizes. These soft blankets will help make an animal or two very happy.

Melinda's center knit blanket is also very soft and gorgeous to boot! I'm not sure of how she worked the pattern, but the blanket is knit from the center out and has no seams!

Shannon contributes to the bigger animals' comforts by donating these human-sized knits. Thick and plush, I'm petitioning they get put in puppy cages.

We round out this batch of blankets with Shelley's contributions. Her four crocheted blankets bring Spot and Stranger out from hiding. (They were hiding because they destroyed one of Mommy's papers and knew she would be upset when she found out.) Her four blankets add Ohio to the map and bring the count up to 433!

Thanks one and all for your contributions so far!