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Week 11: May 30, 2004

A week's worth of boxes and more...

We start this week's blanket tally with Andrea's blankets getting Spot's seal of approval. Andrea also puts Utah on map, and sends along the following story: The green blanket started life as a UFO, the second thing she ever started. She was excited that after seven years as "The Big Green Thing" she could put it to good use.

Next up we have four blankets from Anne who kindly sent along a present for our hammy cats. Spot says "Mmm, catnip..." The Boy and I say thanks a lot! The blue and white blanket is crocheted and the remaining three are knit. I especially like the green and white log cabin blanket since it seems like something fun to make.

Anne Marie sends a large striped blanket that will make some large critter a lot more comfy. I'm still trying to determine what stitch she used to get the lovely pleated effect. Pattern or no, the blanket is much more lovely -- and cushy -- than the current picture allows.

Next up are five blankets from Cathy. The crocheted blankets come in several varieties: round, pentagonal, hexagonal, and huge (quantity=2). Around here we identify the blankets as kitten, cat, puppy or dog-sized. The Boy said that the yellow and blue one was "boyfriend-sized!" We're especially thankful for the really big blankets as they'll be good for dogs and for community play / visit areas.

D. Elizabeth continues a theme with eight blankets of different sizes. All her blankets are worked up in garter stitch and are cozy-comfy. It's good to know that big doggies are going to be getting the same kind of care as the cute kitties.

Elizabeth sends two beautifully patterned blankets made with Lion Brand Homespun. "The slightly larger one [at left--liz] is knit using Elizabeth Zimmerman's baby blanket (Knitting Workshop) directions", she writes. "It's kind of magical the way the short rows come together." Stranger certainly seems bedazzeled (or at least dazed).

Nine lovely blankets from Janet are next out of the boxes, ready to make a lot of animals happier. The diagonal-knit garter stitch blankets were made in pastel colors that hearken to Spring and make me think of Easter.

A second donation from Jessica includes a funky aran made of different patterns, and three diagonal knits in thick plush yarns. She confessed that knitting kitty size blankets could get addicting -- she even put aside her Charlotte's web (gasp!) to work on them!

Leigh's soft contribution catches Spot's eye since its as long as he can be. I tell him its a perfect mat for the kitten cages but I don't think he was listening.

Missa H. shows some creativity with her crocheted donations. Her round kitty cup is extremely cute and I heart the crocheted palm trees and strawberry cat toys.

Peggy's puppy and cat quilts bring a smile to my face. I especially like the flannel backed dog quilt blanket -- perfectly suited for a lonely hound. As you can see, Spot lays claim to one himself.

Sarra's back with a second donation of twelve crocheted blankets in practically all the colors of the rainbow. I wonder where she found the time to make all of these!

Susan, our second Australian knitter, donates a miter-square knit blanket. She also sent a little money to off-set postage or buy ourselves chocolate!

Susie contributed nine blankets in different patterns. With my little eye, I spy blankets made using linen and feather and fan stiches, along with our favorite diagonal garter knit and log cabin garter knit patterns. Wow!

Last in the roundup is Vicki with her contribution of three knit blankets. All soft and cuddly, I have to confess that the green and white basketweave wins my heart out of the three.

Blankets Donated by Central Park Knit-Outers

We begin the Knit-Out contributions with Alexandra's pale yellow garter stitch blanket. Her soft blanket will make a lonely animal feel very loved.

Barbara is next with her thick double-knit blanket. The pattern was of her own devising and she knit and used up one full skein of yarn to make this blanket.

Elaine contributed two lovely knit blankets. The navy blue and yellow one is made from Bernat Acrylic & Lion Brand BabySoft (held doubled). The yellow one is made of the Babysoft held doubled throughout with a different Lion Brand yarn for the trim. Regardless of how they were made, Stranger likes how they feel under his paws.

Irene adds to the blanket count with her soft and lovely tan stockinette blanket. She bordered the edges in garter stitch to keep them from rolling up.

Katie went fleece-happy and made us two huge dog-sized blankets and four kitty sized ones. One blanket -- the hand-tied one -- used no sewing whatsoever! She also crocheted a lovely round mat for us.

Katy also contributed a large dog-sized mat, along with a green chenille feather and fan knit and a dark green garter stitch knit. The large beige mat is very plush and soft and she made it using some cone yarn she won for cheap off E-Bay.

Leslie's lovely crocheted mats are up next. I think these blankets will look particularly nice in the "display" cages at the shelters.

Lisa contributes two fleece blankets and one knit blanket. She explained to me that she made the fleece blankets long and skinny to match the kitten cages she'd seen in the shelters, allowing room for their tiny litter and food pans. I wholeheartedly agree!

Mary J.'s camo print fleecies are backed with flannel and satin and are very soft and comfortable.

Spot bides his time, waiting for the right moment to pounce on Mary M's aquatically blue stockinette stitch blanket.

Sammy's knit and crochet blanket are soft and colorful. Again, more goodness to make more animals happy!

V. F. was a busy bee indeed as evidenced by her contribution of seven crocheted, soft and thick blankets.

Last, but by no means least, we end off with Victoria's diagonal garter knit blankets. Its cheery yellow tones will help brighten the shelter it finds itself in.