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Week 10: May 17, 2004

The first package of the week, Marie's contains these two decor-brightening knits. Stranger, as usual, believes they're both for him. Poor kitty.

Week 10: May 19, 2004

The cats are overly affectionate today and it shows. We barely get Debbi's blankets on the bed before Spot jumps up and starts sniffing around. Debbi's blankets are all made with Lion Brand Homespun in yummy jeweltones. One blanket uses some vintage brown she found lying about. Either way, they get Spot's vote of kitty approval.

Mary Lou's four crocheted contributions garner attention as well. I love the pattern that the variegated yarn makes in her purple blanket almost as much as I dig her funky orange stripes. Stranger decides the biggest blanket is meant for him, and not a puppy. I'll have to break the news to him later...

Maureen's wonderful five crocheted contributions include a particularly sparkly blanket that the boy commented should be used for a "floor model" kitty. I wish I knew more about crochet so I could tell you about the stitch used, but what I can tell you is that they were made using two strands held together. The blankets are nice and thick and will make a soft resting place for a homeless critter.

Michigan is now represented due to Nancy's two contributions which include another doggie sized blanket! Along with her shell-patterned crochet blanket, they interest Spot and myself. I keep trying to figure out the pattern and he, well, he just walks around on them.

Tiffany's box surprised me most today. It didn't seem large enough for the twenty-five blankets I took out of it! Most of them are knitted in stockinette stripe in wonderful color stripe combinations but there are also 4 crocheted blankets and one garter stitch knit blanket with a crochet edge. She even included a king-size doggie blanket. Stranger and Spot kept leaping on and off the bed as I was setting up my photo-shoots trying to get a closer whiff of everything. Makes me wonder if the boy spilled catnip on the bed or if they really like the knit-a-thon.

And today's final contribution, and smile bringer comes from Tish. After seeing her note, and having opened the last box, I begin to wonder how many blankets she could possibly hide in her box. It turns out that she managed to stop herself at 11! My favorite, and Stranger's, is the psychedelically backed Scooby Doo mat. She wrote notes on the back of each blanket's raffle ticket telling me what fabric or yarn she used and why. The fabric she uses is a combination of stash stuff and WalMart purchases. The yarn are leftovers from various projects -- hurrah for shopping your stash! Her 3 year old daughter picked out the punk rock kitties and for $2 she got a top for a kitty mat for "the poor little kitties that don't have a home" (to quote her 3 year old), shorts for said child and a fat quarter for her quilt stash. Makes me wish I had a sewing machine and a nearby WalMart!

At 10:45 PM the household is ready to call it a night. I go for some fat free sorbet, while the boy finishes an ice cream sandwich and gives a few treats to our loved and hard-working critters!