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Prospect Park Knit-Out
The Prospect Park Knit-Out brought together a dedicated bunch of knitters willing to brave the abnormally cold day.

We hung out, had various snacks, chatted, knit and crocheted, got to know each other and had a good time as evidenced by the pictures below:

By the end of the event, nearly everyone had knit or crocheted a swatch to donate to what will become a series of patchwork blankets:

donated swatches

In addition to the work done at the Knit-Out, a number of folks brought already finished blankets for the main raffle. These blankets can be seen here on our regular blankets received page.

Finally, we held two raffles to thank everyone for showing up and contributing to the success of the event.

All in all, it was a pretty full day, running from noon until five on a windy and chilly but it was really a lot of fun

Many, many, many thanks to: Amy L., Barbara V., Bonnie G., Danielle L., Erica B., Jen G., Kenyetta D., Kristin S., Leslie C., Takiema B-S, Tawana H., Tasha F., Tina E (and anyone who's name I accidentally left off this list!) for showing up and helping to make the event a success.

I hope to see everyone againat the next Knit-Out which will be in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.