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Total # of Blankets donated: 1,611

Last Ones
08.21.04 well, here are the long awaited for pictures of the remaining blankets. there was a huge crush at the end, as shown in my blog.

i can't even begin to express the gratitude i feel towards everyone who has contributed to this project. thanks to you all. you have no idea how happy you have made these animals and the volunteers who champion their cause.

note: i again greatly apologize for the lack of colorful commentary on these contributions but in this case i think its understandable.

Blankets catalogued on August 7th

  • 2 blankets from Abby C.
  • 1 blanket from Abby H.
  • 56 blankets from Adina A.
  • 1 blanket from Alana T.
  • 44 blankets from Alice T.
  • 3 blankets from Allison L.
  • 2 blankets from Andrea B.
  • 2 blankets from Andrea D
  • 2 blankets from Andrea M.
  • 2 blankets from Anjanette S.
  • 5 blankets from Ann M.
  • 2 blankets from Annette M.
  • 1 blanket from Ashley A.
  • 2 blankets from Aven M.
  • 3 blankets from Barb B.
  • 2 blankets from Barbara B.
  • 2 blankets from Becca B.
  • 1 blanket from Becky K.
  • 1 blanket from Bethany F.
  • 1 blanket from Betsy H.
  • 2 blankets from Blythe A.
  • 1 blanket from Bonnie G.
  • 13 blankets from Bonnita D.
  • 9 blankets from Carolyn H.
  • 4 blankets from Carrie W.
  • 3 blankets from Cat H.
  • 6 blankets from Catherine D.
  • 8 blankets from Cathy W.
  • 15 blankets from Charlotte H.
  • 9 blankets from Cheryl K.
  • 3 blankets from Chris M.
  • 10 blankets from Christina T.
  • 3 blankets from Christine M.
  • 2 blankets from Christine Q.
  • 1 blanket from Christine Z.
  • 1 blanket from Claire A.
  • 12 blankets from Claire S.
  • 2 blankets from Clare H.
  • 4 blankets from Corri L. L.
  • 4 blankets from Danny K.
  • 6 blankets from Debbie J.
  • 6 blankets from Donna H.
  • 7 blankets from Ed R.
  • 11 blanket from Elizabeth N.
  • 6 blankets from Ellen R.
  • 3 blankets from Flannery C.
  • 16 blankets from Fran L.
  • 13 blankets from Gail L.
  • 1 blanket from Geeta K.
  • 6 blankets from Heather M.
  • 1 blanket from Iris B.
  • 1 blanket from Jan Z.
  • 6 blankets from Jennifer F.
  • 2 blankets from Jennifer G.
  • 1 blanket from Jennifer G.
  • 4 blankets from Jessica H.
  • 8 blankets from Jessica S.
  • 8 blankets from Joan G.
  • 3 blankets from Joan S.
  • 2 blankets from Joanna S.
  • 4 blankets from Joanne Z.
  • 28 blankets from Jolene S.
  • 1 blanket from Juliet K.
  • 4 blankets from Karen D.
  • 2 blankets from Karen M.
  • 1 blanket from Karin G.-M.
  • 1 blanket from Kathleen A.
  • 3 blankets from Kathleen D.
  • 2 blankets from Kathy J.
  • 1 blanket from Kathy T.
  • 2 blankets from Kenyetta D.
  • 4 blankets from KeriAnne S.
  • 3 blankets from Kimberly W.-C.
  • 1 blanket from Krislyn M.
  • 2 blankets from Kristin J. M.
  • 8 blankets from Kristin S.
  • 6 blankets from Kristy B.
  • 1 blanket from Lana G.
  • 6 blankets from Laura W.-M.
  • 2 blankets from Laurie E.
  • 1 blanket from L-B H.
  • 3 blankets from Lee M.
  • 1 blanket from Leigh K.
  • 2 blankets from Lois L.
  • 4 blankets from Lorraine Y.
  • 1 blanket from M. N.
  • 6 blankets from Margaret Z.
  • 1 blanket from Martha H.
  • 7 blankets from Mary C.
  • 2 blankets from Mary M.
  • 3 blankets from Megan P.
  • 43 blankets from Melinda C.
  • 2 blankets from Michelle D.
  • 1 blanket from Missy M.
  • 2 blankets from Nancy D.
  • 1 blanket from Nancy M.
  • 4 blankets from Nathania A.
  • 2 blankets from Niki W.
  • 1 blanket from Penelope M.
  • 2 blankets from Penny T.
  • 73 blankets from Rebecca T.
  • 3 blankets from Renee L.
  • 7 blankets from Roberta M.
  • 2 blankets from Sarah B.
  • 1 blanket from Scott B.
  • 8 blankets from Shana S.
  • 5 blankets from Sharon H.
  • 1 blanket from Sharon H.
  • 1 blanket from Sheila R.
  • 2 blankets from Sheri T.
  • 1 blanket from Susan K.
  • 3 blankets from Susan L.
  • 1 blanket from Tamar R.
  • 4 blankets from Thuy L.
  • 4 blankets from Toni K.
  • 2 blankets from Valentina N.
  • 10 blankets from Wei-Wei L.

    Blankets catalogued on July 24th

  • 5 blankets from Barbara B.
  • 1 blanket from Bryant B.
  • 4 blankets from Catherine D.
  • 1 blanket from Chelsea F-B.
  • 9 blankets from Diane T.
  • 27 blankets from Donna I.
  • 6 blankets from Elizabeth K.
  • 1 blanket from Faith B.
  • 10 blankets from Helen W.
  • 1 blanket from Jean J.
  • 8 blankets from Jeane D.
  • 2 blankets from Jennifer I.
  • 3 blankets from Jennifer R.
  • 6 blankets from Jodie J.
  • 4 blankets from Judy Z.
  • 6 blankets from Julie G.
  • 2 blankets from Karen F.
  • 5 blankets from Kathy B.
  • 4 blankets from Katrina G. C.
  • 3 blankets from Katy M.
  • 3 blankets from Koren D.
  • 6 blankets from Lelah O.
  • 1 blanket from Linda M.
  • 1 blanket from Lisa W.
  • 1 blanket from Lise P.
  • 4 blankets from Maggi T.
  • 7 blankets from Marilyn L.
  • 12 blankets from Mary H.
  • 20 blankets from Melinda C.
  • 4 blanket from Melissa M.
  • 2 blankets from Nancy A.
  • 1 blanket from Nancy H.
  • 11 blankets from Natalie T.
  • 12 blankets from Nora M.
  • 5 blankets from Paula M.
  • 1 blanket from Sarah I.
  • 11 blankets from Shelle T.
  • 19 blankets from Sue B.
  • 2 blankets from Susan S.
  • 2 blankets from Takeima B-S.
  • 3 blankets from Tina B-E.

    Blankets catalogued on July 21st

  • 1 blanket from Anita H.
  • 1 blanket from Cassandra G.
  • 2 blankets from Cora S.
  • 2 blankets from Joan G.
  • 1 blanket from Kathy B.
  • 3 blankets from Kathy J.
  • 1 blanket from Kendra M.
  • 1 blanket from Larissa B.
  • 2 blankets from Michelle W.
  • 3 blankets from Stefanie J.

    Blankets Received at the Prospect Park Knit-Out

  • 1 blanket from Barbara V.
  • 1 blanket from Bonnie G.
  • 2 blankets from Jennifer G.
  • 2 blankets from Kristin S.
  • 2 blanket from Leslie C.
  • 1 blanket from Takiema B-S.
  • 2 blankets from Tawana H.

  • Weeks 15 & 16
    07.11.04 most of you know that i've been a frantically busy and haven't been able to update as frequently as i'd like to. all that means is that you get to see a super-duper blanket extravaganza when i do get to post. so without further ado, here are all the blankets received recently...

    note: i greatly apologize for the lack of colorful commentary on these contributions.

    i've been working on these updates for a few weeks now but because of time constraints have been unable to finish. i wanted to make sure that i actually updated the pages for a change this time, and writing the notes takes a lot of time. i hope no one feels slighted because of my lack of comments. there are 50 new contributions below and commenting on them all would delay this update even further!

    trust me when i tell you that there was much "oohing and ahhing" and chatter between the boy and myself. each and every blanket is gorgeous and all of these contributions are very welcomed, very appreciated and very loved.

    thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of this knit-a-thon!

  • 5 blankets from Abbi B.
  • 2 blankets from Amy S.
  • 1 blanket from Anne Marie Z.
  • 4 blankets from Catherine D.
  • 4 blankets from Chelsea F.
  • 6 blankets from Cheryl P.
  • 2 blankets from Cora S.
  • 14 blankets from D.E. M.
  • 2 blankets from Delica R.
  • 1 blanket from Dianne R.
  • 3 blankets from Dorothy K.
  • 11 blankets from Geana T.
  • 4 blankets from Genevieve M.
  • 1 blanket from Jackie B.
  • 2 blankets from Jana C.
  • 1 blanket from Jennifer M.
  • 1 blanket from Jessamyn L.
  • 6 blankets from Joan L.
  • 1 blanket from Kerry H.
  • 3 blankets from Kim P.
  • 3 blankets from Laure O.
  • 1 blanket from L. G-D.
  • 1 blanket from Leigh C.
  • 2 blankets from Lisa S.
  • 4 blankets from Lydia M.
  • 1 blanket from Lynn D.
  • 5 blankets from Margaret Z.
  • 1 blanket from Marie S.
  • 4 blankets from Martha L.
  • 4 blankets from Martina W.
  • 3 blankets from Mary H.
  • 6 blankets from Mary J.
  • 23 blankets from Mary K.
  • 3 blankets from Mary M.
  • 3 blankets from MC in Westchester County
  • 2 blankets from Michelle C.
  • 4 blankets from Nancy F.
  • 2 blankets from Natalie T.
  • 2 blankets from Norah P.
  • 1 blanket from Pamela B.
  • 4 blankets from Pamela P.
  • 9 blankets from Pat J.
  • 1 blanket from Penelope M.
  • 1 blanket from Penny T.
  • 24 blankets from Rebecca H.
  • 4 blankets from Rosemary D.
  • 1 blanket from Sandy P.
  • 1 blanket from Taryn L-K
  • 2 blankets from Teresa M.
  • 2 blankets from Vicki M.

  • Weeks 13 & 14
    06.17.04 crunch, crunch, crunch. still reeling from the business move, and buried in boxes of blankets. "thank you" notes still need to be sent for the last batch of blankets. and we have a new addition to the household: maia! (click here for Maia's story).

    still, the boy managed to get a few boxes opened, catalogued and photoed for me while i was at work...

  • three knits and five cute quilts (and singapore joins the map)
    thanks to chrissie p.
  • four biggest kittie sized blankets
    from lydia m.
  • a plush knit blanket
    from marney f.
  • sixty (!) knit and crocheted blanket
    from michelle l.

  • Week 12
    06.07.04 an office move and long sunless weekend go by and we start off the week playing catch up with last week's blankets...

  • a thick pastel green blanket
    from alithia d.
  • ten neat blankets
    from catherine m.
  • two elegant knit blankets
    from cheryl m.
  • a comfy thick blue blankie (and a prize donation!)
    from cora s.
  • a cute striped blankie
    from gayle r.
  • two stylin' knit blankets
    from judy a.
  • two pet-pleasing blankets
    from marianna s.
  • two big and comfy blankets
    from mary m.
  • a thick variegated knit
    from melinda m.
  • two scooby-sized knits
    from shannon h.
  • and last but not least, bringing ohio on to the map, four extra-comfy blue knits
    from shelly d.

  • Week 11
    05.30.04 busy, busy week workise and no time for blankets! luckily, its a long weekend and the boy and i get to finally open the boxes to find...

  • two knit blankets (that add utah the map)
    from andrea b.
  • one crocheted, three knit blankets and a present for our camera-hungry cats
    from anne s.
  • a large knit blanket that pleats because of the pattern
    from anne marie z.
  • three small and two absolute huge crocheted blankets
    from cathy d.
  • eight knit blankets in a rainbow of colors
    from d. elizabeth m.
  • two soft knit blankets
    from elizabeth c.
  • nine pastel-colored diagonal knit blankets
    from janet e.
  • a second donation of four thick knit blankets
    from jessica w.
  • a kitten-cage sized plush blanket
    from leigh c.
  • four funky crocheted blankets and some innovative toys
    from missa h.
  • six whimsical cat & dog quilts
    from peggy c.
  • another donation of twelve colorful crochted blankets
    from sarra w.
  • a second (different) australian contribution of one miter-square knit blanket
    from susan s.
  • nine colofully different knit blankets
    from susie w.
  • three knit blankets in different patterns
    from vicki m.

  • 05.30.04 we also get to finally take a look at the blankets donated last weekend at the first of our "sunday in the park for critters" knit-outs!

  • one garter stitch knit blanket
    from alexandra l.
  • one double-knit rib blanket
    from barbara v.
  • two knit blankets
    from elaine l.
  • one stockinette knit blanket
    from irene s.
  • six sewn fleece and one crocheted blanket
    from katie t.
  • three knit blankets
    from katy m.
  • two crocheted blankets
    from leslie c.
  • two fleece and one knit blanket
    from lisa m.
  • three camouflage print blankets
    from mary j.
  • one knit blanket
    from mary m.
  • one knit and one crocheted blanket
    from sammy r.
  • seven crocheted blankets
    from v. f.
  • one knit blanket
    from victoria v.

  • Week 10
    05.19.04 six boxes would seem to be a reasonable haul for two days. somehow 56 blankets pop out of them like clowns from a volkswagon

  • first out of the chute, nine blankets in the unofficial critter knitter pattern of choice (the diagonal garter)
    from debi l.
  • the next box produces four colorful crocheted blankies to stranger's delight
    from mary lou w.
  • jumping out next are five crocheted blankies
    from maureen b.
  • michigan joins the party with two crocheted blankies (one large doggie-sized and one regular kittie-sized)
    from nancy s.
  • georgia leaps onto the map with twenty-five blankets! to quote the matrix, whoa.
    from tiffany g.
  • but wait! there's more! eleven assorted knits and quilts round out a truly blankalicious evening
    from tish d.

  • 05.17.04 after the deluge from last week, this week begins on a more manageable note with one package containing:

  • two diagonal garter knit blankets
    from marie s.

  • Week 9
    05.16.04 a week's worth of packages sat in my kitchen waiting for me to find some free time. fortunately, the weekend afforded me enough to open these wonderful packages which contained:

  • our first contribution from vermont, a basketweave knit blanket
    from anne p.
  • a new donation from japan consisting of ten crochet and knit blankets
    from ayako k.
  • another first, a package from new mexico with one knit and two crocheted blankets
    from bron g.
  • two crocheted and four knit blankets
    from julie w.
  • a shell crocheted blanket
    from kendra m.
  • six knit blankets and a touching story
    from l-b h. & her knitting co-workers annette m., claire a., margaret g. and susan k.
  • a whimsical cat quilt and a garter stitch knit blanket
    from linda b.
  • a second donation of three purple and green fleecies
    from lise p.
  • two blue quilts made from a recycled Lands' End chamois bathrobe, a crocheted blanket, zoo-print fleecie, and two flannel quilts.
    from maggi t.
  • four leopard print backed cat quilts, a patchwork fleece quilt, a sewn grey fleecie and 4 sewn thermal fabric blankets
    from marlana r.
  • a rainbow colored diagonal knit blanket
    from melodye t.
  • a third donation consisting of six crocheted and two knit blankets
    from sharon l.
  • and our almost given up for lost box of three lovely knit blankets
    from sharon s.

  • Week 8
    05.09.04 what better way to spend mother's day than opening boxes & packages!

  • a second contribution of three quilt and three knit blankets
    from ann m.
  • a purple diagonal garter knit and a log cabin knit blanket
    from beth l.
  • our first washington state contribution of two knit blankets
    from cassandra g.
  • six crochet blankets
    from elizabeth s.
  • we welcome arizona with two very luxe blankets
    from erica r.
  • and hello to connecticut as well with a patriotic knit blanket
    from iris b.
  • a long overdue package finally arrives with two sewn fleecies
    from jennie m.
  • wisconsin is our fourth new state with a box bearing seven fleecies and two knit blankets
    from mary v.
  • a hello from australia, our newest country, with a contribution of one knit and one crochet blanket
    from nathalie m.
  • and closer to home (my home, that is...) four knit blankets
    from sharon h.
  • and last but by no means least two funky knit blankets
    from susie s.

  • 05.03.04 the boy and i return from vacation and open seven packages today!

  • a second package from the uk, this one containing two knit blankets
    from anne b.
  • two crayola bright knit blankets
    from colleen h.
  • eleven knit and crochet blanekts in a virtual rainbow of colors
    from joy n.
  • three knit and crochet blankets with funky edgings
    from karen b.
  • seven colorful knit blankets trimmed in white
    from pat s.
  • a second contribution of five wonderfully handcrafted blankets
    from sharon l.
  • and closing out today's lot, three knit blankets -- including one "stitch sampler"
    from teri e.

  • Week 7
    04.26.04 on vacation in new orleans... make sure to check back next week!

    Week 6
    04.20.04 after a no-mail monday, the postwoman rings and we receive three packages:

  • two crocheted blankets in funky colors
    from carol
  • three plush knit blankets
    from monica
  • two finely crocheted and one knit blanket
    from wendy k.

  • Week 5
    04.18.04 a beautiful sunday that the cats and i spend unpacking many new blankets:

  • two rasberry blankets (one knit, one crocheted)
    from chelsea
  • a knit purple blanket
    from ellen
  • a thick knit aran colored mat
    from pam
  • a basketweave knit blanket and three crocheted mats
    from sidra
  • two crocheted blankets
    from our knit-a-thon co-host wendy

  • 04.15.04 the taxman taketh but the postwoman bringeth:

  • a joint contribution - four knitted and two crocheted blankets - from arkansas
    from barb e. & her 80 year-old mom
  • a manitoba-made blanket with extra treats
    from penny t.

  • 04.14.04 the boy takes a break from doing taxes to take delivery of two boxes

  • florida joins the map with a blanket
    from linda m.
  • colorado follows suit with two donations
    from michelle w.

  • 04.12.04 the postwoman thanks us for the easter cookies and starts off week 5 by delivering 7 sewn fleece & 2 quilted blankets
    from amy k.

    Week 4
    04.11.04 we close out week four with the following donations:

  • two checkerboard blankets
    from amy k.
  • an easter-pastel-colored crocheted blanket
    from cheryl m.
  • a stylish black and multi-colored knit blanket
    from chris s.
  • six crafty good (2 knit, 4 sewn) blankets
    from deirdre c.
  • three knit blankets in varying patterns
    from emily g.
  • one knit blanket and one sewn fleecie
    from lise p.
  • and last but not least, four crocheted love rugs
    from sarra w.

  • 04.07.04 day 3 - where we decide to give the mail woman chocolate out of guilt (five packages):

  • five nordic fleecies and one knit log cabin blanket
    from donna h.
  • eight practically reversible knit blankets
    from mc in westchester county
  • one taupe knit blanket in "northern lights" pattern
    from pamela
  • six crocheted love rugs
    from sharon l.
  • cushy thick knit garter stitch blanket
    from wendy p.

  • 04.05.04 day 1, week four - the boy juggles many many boxes (inlcuding a yarn donation from janet and a birthday gift for liz):

  • four tres funky blankets
    from ann
  • one large knit and two fleecies
    from jessica
  • two hand-knit comfy blankies
    from tracy

  • Week 3
    04.01.04 no april fool's joke here... a large and lovely blanket arrives
    from janna c.
    03.31.04 week three kicks off with a bang! four packages on one day:

  • crochet shell-edge critter blanket
    from angela
  • light blue "purrfect" double seed stitch blanket
    from anne
  • variegated basketweave blankie
    from becky
  • five hexagonal crocheted critter mats
    from jennifer
  • Week 2
    03.27.04 three knit blankets come
    from jo m.
    03.24.04 six fleecies arrive
    from elsie h.
    03.22.04 kicking off week 2... 4 blankets
    from jen l.
    Week 1
    03.16.04 our first package
    from andrea